Think you know SAS?  Take the Sasensei challenge! We’ve developed a question based learning system that will put your SAS knowledge to the test.

Sasensei is a kick ass ninja training tool for an expanding range of topics including SAS Programming, Administration, Viya, Risk Dimensions, DI Studio, AF / SCL, Stored Process Web Apps and more.

You begin with 8 tokens, and it costs 2 tokens to play.  Consecutive correct answers unlock hidden levels!

Once you earn the right to submit new questions (cards), your token earning ability gets a dragon-kick.  Not to mention your SAS skills – the best way to learn, is to teach.  Take on the ultimate challenge in SAS – become a Sasensei!

We’re releasing new features every week so check in regularly for updates.  And most importantly – good or bad – we need your feedback.

See you at the dojo –