Tabs or Spaces?  Does it even matter, so long as you / your team are consistent?  For many SAS developers the standard place to write code is the Program Editor – for which the default setting is to use tabs, else 4 spaces.

Interestingly – the generated code in Enterprise Guide and DI Studio uses 3 spaces.

My preference is 2 spaces, but what do you think is the most commonly used approach out there?

Uku Pattack has created a github page  which may settle (or inflame!) this classic Holy War.  It scans all github repos (over 1 star) for .sas files, and checks the tab vs space usage.  Here are the results:

So – which do you think was most popular?  The choices are:

  • 8 spaces
  • 4 spaces
  • 3 spaces
  • 2 spaces
  • Tabs
Head over to Uku’s site to find out!