Noticed today that our UAT 9.3 environment was failing to execute the SAS ExportPackage utility, with the following error returned:

The export process has failed.  The native implementation module for the security package could not be found in the path.

I’d come across this issue before, and this was (effectively) the same piece of code.  So what gives?  I launched a shell session locally, using the system account (sassrvuat), and reran the command.

It worked.

Hmm..  Must be an issue with the UAT machine (most likely since our 9.3 upgrade as it worked on 9.2).  I logged into sasapp with sassrvuat and tried to open DI Studio using IWA.  I get an interesting popup:

Seems my old colleague Stig was onto something with regard to the sspiauth.dll file and 32 vs 64 bit compatibility.  Checking out the folder below, we can see several versions:

Comparing the file sizes it was clear that we had 32 bit DLLs (112kb) instead of 64 (107kb).  The solution therefore was simply to copy sspiauth.dll from:

  • C:Program FilesSASHomeSASFoundation9.3coresasext

To the following locations:

  • C:Program FilesSASHomeSASDataIntegrationStudio4.3
  • C:Program FilesSASHomeSASPlatformObjectFramework9.3